Edkosan R & D

It is a requirement of our quality policy to define a need or problem in our R&D, to use the methods such as synthesis, analysis and optimization, to evaluate the results, to use the latest techniques in design to meet the needs and problems identified or to help reach the solution. From the concept stage of the piece to the final product, CREO and other special programs and modern computer-aided design (CAD) methods are the tools used by the edkosan arge team that aims creativity and work efficiency at the highest level.

Acting with the principle of being a solution partner in every area of ​​the tattoo, Edkosan is constantly in development to blend computer-aided design, engineering and production (cad / cam / cae) methods ideally with its experience and to achieve more perfect in the next product and process.

Our R&D continues its operations based on total quality management and organization such as better information management, better product quality, better lead times, decreasing product costs, increased production efficiency.