Edkosan forging house

In the forging shop, forged parts are forged in computer-controlled induction furnaces, their temperatures are 100% under control and recorded, and forging machines are used.

In our production lines consisting of mechanical presses, screw friction presses, hydraulic presses, one-way impact pneumatic hammers, from 0.05 kg (according to the part geometry) – up to 150 kg or up to 500 mm in diameter – up to 1000 mm in length. We produce parts with steel forging technology.

In line with the demand from our customers, we manufacture in our lines between small lots (100 – 5000) – medium lots (5,000 – 20,000) – large lots (20,000 – million). In our process that offers flexibility and reliability together, 30% of our parts constitute sensitive automotive parts, which is an indication of the trust of our customers.