Process Flow & Capacity

All processes from design to shipment can be carried out in our facilities.

Edkosan Steel Forging Material Selection

Material Raw

In Turkey, it approved in Europe and we are working with the best quality steel manufacturers.

Edkosan R & D

R & D

In our argument, a need or problem is defined and analysis and development studies are carried out.

Edkosan tooling

Design & Molding

Our molding room is equipped with modern CNC machines in order to produce the designed parts as required.

Edkosan forging house


We manufacture in our forging shops in line with the demands of our customers.

Edkosan Quality Control equipment

Quality Control

We control at every stage with our processes for the production of correct and quality products in one go.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Processes of forged parts, which are supplied on demand, are carried out in special furnaces.



We offer the most suitable and accurate surface treatment solutions for our customers' needs

Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting

We provide service both in our factory and on-site according to your needs.