Edkosan Çelik Dövme Sanayi We Offer Suitable Solutions We offer product solutions that have been for Your Business previously produced or suitable for you. Explore Edkosan Steel Forging Industry Forging As Edkosan, we help you shape the future The Future with our experience of over 40 years. More Edkosan Çelik Dövme Sanayi Computer Aided We run production processes efficiently and quickly Manufacturing with computer aided design. Explore


40% of our products are produced to the domestic market, 60% of which are produced directly or indirectly, in international standards, especially in Germany, Italy, America, Russia, the Middle East and the Balkans.


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R & D

We offer new services to your service by following closely.


We Care About Quality

We certify the importance we attach to our quality with our certificates.


About Us

Edkosan Steel Forging Industry

Edkosan Steel Forging Industry was established in Istanbul in 1976 with an annual capacity of 500 tons to meet the automotive supply industry demands.

What We Do?

We produce with high quality and capacity to produce solutions suitable for your business. Our production processes:

We make our productions with our engineers and masters who are expert in their work with the latest technology computer aided software. In this way, we produce efficient and fast results for you.

Our company, which produces at world standards, continues its production with a vision understanding that adopts total quality management and prioritizes unconditional customer satisfaction. In ISO 9001 criteria, raw material, semi-product and final product quality tests are carried out in accordance with the standards.

We have been serving with your capacity of 20,000 tons of steel forging since 2015 according to your needs.

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